For the safety of our students and staff, Life Ed will be requiring the following of all those entering our courses until further notice:

• A temperature read <100⁰ F (taken prior to entering the classroom, if not already performed when entering the hospital)

• Use of a face mask throughout the duration of the course (provided by the student) with the option of any additional personal protection equipment

• Student supplied pen and paper

The following are addition safety protocols that have been put into place during the courses:

• Six-foot distance markers on the floor during sign-in

• Smaller number of course participants to allow for safe distancing

• Seating within the classroom set-up to allow for at least six feet between students

• Increased cleaning/disinfecting of all equipment

• Laminated tests which will be sanitized after each use

Ultimately it is the student’s responsibility to be aware of all safety requirements. Students not in compliance with the above protocol will not be allowed entrance.


PROVIDER MANUAL POLICY:     All students must have a copy of the new American Heart Association 2015 Provider Manual for the course they are attending (ACLS, BLS, PALS) and bring it with them to the class.  Any student arriving at the class without the American Heart Association 2015 Provider Manual will not be admitted.


REGISTRATION POLICY:     Course registration ends 72 hours (excluding Saturday and Sunday) prior to the beginning of the course.


RESCHEDULING POLICY:    A student may cancel within 72 hours prior to their scheduled course and expect an 80% refund within 3 weeks.  Cancellations made within 72 hours of the course will not be entitled to a refund. A student canceling within 72 hours of their scheduled course may reschedule, but the student will be responsible for a $55.00 (ACLS/PALS) or $25.00 (BLS) rescheduling fee.  Additionally, the student must reschedule to a course within 60 days of their originally scheduled course, or all fees will be forfeited.  If there is not such a course scheduled within 60 days, the student must reschedule for the first available course.  If the same student then cancels or does not attend on the rescheduled date, all fees, including the initial course fee and subsequent rescheduling fees will be forfeited.  A student not attending the course without contacting Life Ed prior to the start of the course (“No Show”) will forfeit their entire registration fee.  Life Ed reserves the right to cancel a course within 7 days of the start date.  Under this circumstance, the student would be given a full refund for the course or be allowed to reschedule to another course without any further fees.  Any student arriving at the course without the required items (e.g., course specific AHA text, provider card and/or pre-course self-assessment results) will not be allowed in the course, but is eligible to reschedule to another course for a $55.00 (ACLS/PALS) or $25.00 (BLS) rescheduling fee.


UPDATE CANDIDATE (FORMERLY RENEWAL) POLICY:  Participants who elect to attend an update course in lieu of a full provider course may do so only if they have a current A.H.A. ACLS provider card. The A.H.A. provider card must not have expired prior to the scheduled class date.  Provider cards are good until the last day of the month of expiration.  Proof of A.H.A. current provider status is necessary in order to qualify for update courses, and must be presented upon entrance to the class.  Participants not having proof of a current A.H.A. provider card will not be allowed to take an update course.

Participants who elect to attend only an update course do so with the following understanding:

As an update candidate you are attending to demonstrate your proficiency.  Because proficiency is expected, you will only be given one (1) opportunity at passing the written post test and mega-code evaluation.

If the update candidate is unsuccessful at passing either the written or mega-code test, rescheduling to retake the test is possible.  The update candidate has the following options:

1.  Remediate themselves and make arrangements to return to a later 2nd day class. (a $45.00 rescheduling fee may apply)

2.  Attend an entire provider course. ($50.00 fee)

Classes must be completed within 30 days of the original class date.

It is the responsibility of the student to assess their own ability and proficiency prior to attending the course.

Although the intention of Life Ed is to provide a low stress, proactive approach at continuing education, proficiency must be demonstrated by all participants in order to successfully pass any of our courses.

Any update student arriving at the class without a current A.H.A. Provider card will not be admitted.